We All List Political Network, Political Association
Alternative political network, political party network, electoral alliance
Alternative politics for the benefit of the people!
List of parties, initiatives, groups
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The 10 principles
 1 Elimination of poverty for good
 2 Free basic health care and education
 3 A debt-free society or a society with interest-free debts
 4 Fair wages, easy conditions for entrepreneurs
 5 Environmental care is most important
 6 Non-violent society, security and peace
 7 Individual freedom
 8 Voting of persons not parties, permanent voting right
 9 Automatic taxation system
10 Independent self-determining municipalities

Electoral alliance of political parties, initiatives, groups and independent politicians

Advantages of the We All List
- Any political active person can be elected now, independent or as a member of a party.
- There is no campaign budget needed.
- Leaders of small parties which would fail at a % hurdle can be elected now.
At elections the votes then decide.

Registration means the organization becomes a member of the WAL association, membership is free;
The organization is obliged to inform the WAL association about the number of members, funds and other details on demand.
The organization needs to agree to the 10 principles.
The organization needs to invite all members to register at the We All List and to become paid or verified users.
The organization agrees to lend 10% of its funds to the We All List on demand, without charges and conditions.
It is up to the organization to add candidates to the election list of the We All List if available or have its own list.
The votes decide what candidates are considered to be elected.
The organization agrees to form a coalition with other registered organizations if possible.

Support at election campaigns, the organization may not need own funds for it.

"If the smart are not willing to engage in politics they are punished by being ruled by someone worse"
"The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men" (Platon 427-347-C)
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